Retirement Planning

Individual and Family Retirement Plans

Retirement planning has become increasingly complex. EJM Wealth Management has the experience and resources available to assist with developing and implementing a strong retirement plan. The firm provides easy to understand reports to monitor your progress that reflect the most current and forward-looking financial market assumptions. 

In addition to providing overall retirement planning guidance, EJM Wealth Management assists clients with their 401(k) or other business retirement accounts, including:

  • Investment selection and asset allocation
  • Contribution amounts
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Income distributions
  • Income planning
  • 401(k) and IRA rollovers

Business Retirement Plans

EJM Wealth Management works with its Business Owner clients to ensure a strong retirement plan for their employees. Many retirement plans suffer from high costs (often hidden), mediocre or poor investments, and lack of service. In many cases, EJM Wealth Management can save you money, create a stronger investment menu for the retirement plan, and provide more personalized service. 

We begin with a detailed assessment of your current plan showing any hidden fees, costs, investment ratings, conflicts of interest and limitations. Then we’ll show you several alternatives to improve your company's retirement plan.

Working with the third-party administrator and custodian, EJM Wealth Management will help you design a plan that gives you peace of mind that you’re getting excellent value while meeting your legal and fiduciary requirements.  A well-designed plan provides significant benefits including:

  • Meets the objectives of business owners
  • Makes it simple for employees to participate
  • Controls administrative costs
  • Delivers valuable investment management
  • Meets all regulatory compliance requirements